Wednesday, March 17, 2021


St Patrick's day

In Canada, the St Patrick's day shall be celebrated on the 17th of March 2021. In the giant North American nation Canada being the biggest North American country. Officially, the overall observance is in form of a public holiday in only Newfoundland & Labrador. However, it will still be observed in all provinces of Canada. It is the feast day of the patron Saint of Ireland. On top of this, has a huge global significance all over the world. The stats are significant especially in the Christian world including Canada. It was in the memory of Ireland’s most loved and most known Saint, known as St. Patrick in the year 1631. With the exception of St. Patrick’s feast day. Consumption of alcohol was strictly banned because of the holy Lent season. Hence, later on as it was declared the feast day & drinking was allowed on St. Patrick's day.

It was due to this relaxation in the Irish laws. Hence, that eventually allowed to curtail the use of alcohol during the feast on March 17. Prior to 70's, the pubs were found closed on the day, until the laws were revised & relaxed. Significantly, as an order and with strict observance. Finally, observed as a traditional feast day by a number of Churches. Its observance is still active today. These Churches includes Church of Ireland, the Catholic Church & the Anglican Communion. Also includes, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and finally the Lutheran Church.

There are a variety of number of activities that takes place on St. Patrick’s day. On top of these activities includes being Irish for the Day. Furthermore, acting like Irish by wearing traditional Irish clothes. Also includes, eating mainly Irish cuisines and acting like Irish people do on the feast day. Furthermore, watching a parade, and finally hunting for the Leprechauns.

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