Wednesday, December 30, 2020


New Year’s Eve is celebrated all over the West in form of a holiday. It is celebrated on 31st December i.e. the last day of the year, and people usually gather in public places and do shopping & dining together to mark the celebrations. It is usually a big day in most cities of the world that includes London, Dubai, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, Auckland, Moscow, Paris, & New York. The most exciting events that happen on the New Year’s Eve & something that makes it stand apart from the rest of the days is the annual fireworks.

Takes place usually in most big cities of the world with millions of dollars invested on the fireworks. Takes place in London, the financial hub of UK and its capital. In the United Kingdom, the fireworks of London holds mega status. A place where thousands of Londoners & people from many other European countries gather together. Finally, they pray for the well-being of their country & for Int. peace in the upcoming year.

The celebrations are usually mammoth as it signifies the importance & values attached with the New Year. Every year comes with huge celebrations and hope that the world will together fight the miseries, the poverty of many poor nations, the hunger, & symbolise the day for global solidarity & unity of the people.

Courtesy: MBE Blog

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